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Lewan For Sale


LEWAN is a part of Australian yachting history.

“LEWAN” was one of Four 30 square metre yachts to be built over 1937-38 period, the other being “BACCHANTE and AEOLUS and WHITE WINGS”

with the Lewan being built in Tasmania and the other yachts in Sydney.

She was built in 1937-1938 from Huon Pine (Length 43', Beam 7'9", Draught 4'6"-5')

The yacht is a Knud Reimers design and has been stored out of the water for about 15 years (estimate only).

The yacht is now for sale and needs a timely completion of her unfinished restoration process.

LEWAN was stored in an enclosed purpose built shed until 2004 while an extensive refit was undertaken.

LEWAN is now on a outdoor hard stand in country Victoria

(Wangaratta, 240km from Melbourne and 640km from Sydney) and has been partially exposed to the elements.

At the time of relocation, the refit was approximately 90% complete

Most items needed to complete the refit are included.

During the refit, any damaged timbers were replaced and the hull totally refastened before being

dynal sheathed and then sprayed in 2-pack. The deck was replaced with teak over marine ply

and a new coach house was constructed from seven layers of King Billy Pine.

Two 10" diameter holes were cut in the aft end of the cockpit and outboard well fitted and

these need to be completed (about 85% now) and blanking bungs were also manufactured.

The Keel / Rudder (which was replaced) needs to be faired and all hull work to be completed.

The deck and coach house are completed (included custom fitted flush deck hatches and

companionway hatch from Teak) and all new cockpit / cabin sole completed.

Deck fittings just need to be fitted for finish.

For the tradionalist the new coach house (designed for racing) can be revered to a traditional coach house

and the outboard motor wells removed (original Huon pine plugs from the hull are included).

Included are 10-12 sails, mostly spinnakers and jibs and a good mainsail.

No mast but boom (Alspar) is made from aluminium and

two spinnaker poles.

There is a lot of timber and miscellaneous bits included with the yacht as anything

that look nautical related..

LEWAN comes with here own yard cradle.


Call Michael Cormak on 0404 020 667

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