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Launch Date : 1938

The early influence of Knud Reimers designs inspired the first square metre yachts of Australia. Bacchante and Aeolus in Sydney and Lewan from Tasmania


Article printed 7th of December 1938


 The 30sqm Lewan was built of Huon Pine down in Tasmania and she spent a season on the Derwent before relocating to Sydney where she spent most of her racing Life.


Article printed 12th of October 1938


Lewan was Purchased by previous owners who had a shipwright carry out significant repairs and changes including her modern designed cabin top, Teak decks and outboard well. Her next owner purchased her unfinished and moved her down to Wangaratta where she has remained in cradle for the last five or so years. 

She needs a worthy benefactor sooner rather than later  as the more time she spends out of the water is detrimental to the class and the boat.

Length : 43'
Beam 7'9"
Draught 4'6"

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