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This Month...

Upcoming events in the calendar..
The winter seasons news.
Revisiting Fagel Grip.
Video of the month.

Upcoming events in the calendar..

The Swan river classic series is growing in popularity with square metre yachts taking to the water for the summer season in Perth.
The Square metre yacht that attend this series are Bacchante, Joyous, The Lady in Red and Sue Anne.

For more information visit the calenadar page.

In Pittwater, NSW, The Woody Point Yacht Club is hosting The Around the Marks regatta which takes place on the  19th of December.
With a good contingent of classic yachts this a great opportunity for the Sydney yachts to challenge the Pittwater yachts, Rouseabout and KA2. There is one twist to this event which makes it challenging for the visitors. The course involves circumnavigating every mark in the Pittwater area but in any order or direction! Add a few wind shifts based on the lay of the land and you have a good challenging race.

More information too come on the event in the near future.

The winter seasons news.

With the winter season drawing to an end I would like to draw your attention the great results on the water from John Bryson who has had a good season taking out 1st overall in the The Woody Point Yacht Club's winter series.

Revisiting Fagel Grip Part 1.

With the anniversary of the Launching of Fagel Grip just past we take a look at her extensive restoration which took place in Thailand.

Fagel Grip is yacht with a fantastic history around the world and in Australia. To learn more about her history click here to visit her profile page.

Fagel Grip was in a tired state with her timbers and fastenings showing signs of deteriation throughout the yacht and her nice timber planking had cracks and damage in the stern section

Jerry Lees the owner of Fagel Grip decided to investigate the option of shipping his yacht to the Wood Work Co in Phuket, Thailand.

A fantastic location with great facilities and a good size boat yard.

I think his biggest challenge would be having to take the yacht home afterwards.

Jerry got a little distracted and understandably so.
The wood finish of Condor of Bermuda is not often seen on a yacht of this size.

Needless to say the locals were more than friendly and a deal was struck to ship Fagel Grip to Thailand.

Would you like your quote in Baht or Australian Dollars...

So the process of preparing Fagel Grip for shipping began with the construction of a cradle that would fit in a 2.5 metre container.

Next stage was the satisfying separation of her keel and a chance to inspect the old keel bolts before dropping the hull onto the newly built cradle.

The 40 foot container arrives for the 43 foot yacht???

You sure you want to do this Jerry???

Cant say I have seen this done before but the execution was well planed and with the poor state of the stern section and considering the stern was snubbed a foot or so in her past, it was a good decision.

Sawing with gritted teeth!

The self draining cockpit is complete...

Its a bit big to use for a trophy...?
Perhaps we could use it like a lizards tail and drop it overboard to distract the other racing yachts...

Fits like a glove

Plenty of room to spare!
The designer Tore Holm back in 1938 may have had divine intervention! If only he could see her now.

A job well done but only the beginning of her journey down the long...  shipping lane.

More to come on Fagel Grip next month.

From the Archives

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2nd of October 1937

8th of October 1937

12th of October 1938


11th of October 1949


5th of October 1952





Video of the month..


 The breathtaking BEATRICE AURORE,

LOA 22.20m,

Beam  3.20m,

Built in 1920,

Designer August Plym