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Fagel Grip

Launch Date : 1938

Fagel Grip was designed in 1938 by Tore Holm, one of the most successful Scandinavian yacht designers of the day and built by Stockholm’s Batbyggeri AB.. There is little information on her history until she was purchased by the famous Designer Uffa Fox on behalf of Charles and Rosemary Fairburn in 1952.

Mrs Rosemary Fairbairn had this to say back in 1992,

"The Fairbairn's had her bought for them by Uffa Fox (paid Danish Kroners bought in Singapore) and shipped from Helsingborg in 1951-52.

When they acquired her she had a spruce mast that was "much" taller than the existing one and had wonderful mahogany sailing dinghy with her.

Fagel had been appropriated by the Germans in the Second world war and was sailed on the lakes (in Denmark). Reputedly Wernher Von Braun the "Rocket Man" raced her."

The Fairbairn's raced her in HK from 1952 to 1956 when they were posted to Singapore. In HK they held all the race records. 

Fagel Grip had her own boat boy who lived tied up next to her with his family. He was paid 10 pounds a month and was constantly on call. The tide ran at 4 knots in Singapore and there was little wind, they had to keep a fan going inside her to stop dry rot.

They moved her to Sydney and while on the waters of Sydney Harbour,  Mrs Fairbarn lost a finger when she tried to stop her running into the back of Sir Ray Purvis's "hot water boat. She became then known as Fatal Grip.

The Fairbarn's were posted back to Singapore in 1959 and sold her to Ray Purvis. He found he could not get the best out of her as he did not have the time to sail her and he sold her to Ric Donaldson who sold her to four brothers who called her 4 devils.

The brothers were a baker, uni. professor, town planner and pastry cook. There father in Hungary had had a boat and called the brothers the 4 devils.

She was sold by them around 1981-82.Alastair Mitchell bought her and had her for 4-6 years. He then sold her to some couple from south of Sydney (Sylvania waters??)

Chris Evans bought her and sold her to Jerry and Sharon Lees in 1992.

Today She sails out of the Balmain Yacht Club and last year she had a major refurbishment.

Fagel Grip has an extremely well documented past and we encourage you to look through her many photos to see her collection of wonderful images.

Album 1 Current images

Album 2 Restoration Process comming soon

Album 3 the collision

Album 4 Historic images


Video of Fagel Grip in a strong breeze.