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Scarlett O'hara


Launch Date : 1993

Jonas Brundin is the Swede who came to Australia in 1992 as a business migrant bringing with him the plug for the 30-square-metre yachts, a Harry Becker design. He joined up with Garth Stewart and John Taylor with the view of building 30-square-metre yachts in Australia.

The three fibreglass 30-square-metre yachts were launched in 1993.

Pinchgut and Business Class (originally SAS Business Class) were built at Boatspeed in Gosford (which has since gone bust). They have a hand- laid foam-sandwich hull and deck. 

The original Swedish hull which acted as the plug for the Australian mould was sold to Ross Wilson in Lake Macquarie. Ross named it Wisper. In 1994 Robert Skol purchased it from Ross, sailed it back to Sydney Harbour and re-named it Scarlett O'Hara.

The Australian mould was kept at John Taylor's factory in Rouse Hill, but unfortunately, since John passed away nobody knows what became of the mould.

Scarlett O'Hara has had, and continues to have a very active presence on Sydney Harbour. She sails in multiple clubs and attends almost every big event on the water. The passion in her name describes her well as she is often flaunting her good looks with an invigorating experience for her crew.

LOA: 12.70 m

LWL: 9.5 m

Beam: 2.23 m

Draught: 1.48 m

Displacement: 2.72 tonnes




Video of Scarlet O'hara racing.



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