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Launch Date : 1993

The first Australian built fiberglass 30 square metre yacht was Pinchgut. Her name stands out almost as much as the her performance record, locally in Sydney and overseas in Europe. Her lines where from a Harry Becker hull which was used to make the Pinchgut mould.

Garth Stewart and Jonus Brundin were the creators of the Mould that would give rise to a second fiberglass Yachts in Australia, Business Class. 

The Australian mould was kept at John Taylor's factory in Rouse Hill, but unfortunately, since John passed away nobody knows what became of the mould.

It was Garths wife, Maggie, who came up with the name Pinchgut. After they had gone through the usual list of possible names, she had a moment of inspiration while looking across from their breakfast table at Fort Denison which was known as Pinchgut by its half-starved convict inmates. The name is also especially appropriate to the slim-gutted 30-square-metre.

The highly successful yacht went on to win the 2006 Europa Cup.

She is still over in France racing under new ownership.