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Launch Date : 1959


Flamingo was built in 1959 for Peter Cole by John ‘Darkie’ Griffin at Pittwater - not by Jeff Clist as had previously been believed.  Jeff Clist had worked on her during the mid-sixties, the job being to fully spline the hull as the original planking was working heavily as the boat is quite lightly built.  

Peter Cole sailed her with reasonable success from the RSYS until his heavy involvement with the first Australian America’s Cup challenge dictated that he sell the boat – probably in the very early sixties. Geoff Twybill, along with some partners, bought her and campaigned her very vigorously from the RSYS, racing against the 30 sqs and the 6 metre classes. At this stage she was relatively disadvantaged by her modest class-dictated sail area, and the rig size was increased by moving the forestay forward and raising the hounds, as well as lengthening the boom. This significantly increased the sail area, but undoubtedly put much strain the hull during hard racing and probably contributed in large part to the need for splining. 

Geoff and partners continued to race her until the early seventies when business interests and young families took precedence and Flamingo was moved to Pittwater where, by Geoff’s admission, she “went downhill a bit”. The starboard chainplates had pulled out during a race and a temporary repair effected, but when Geoff was approached by a buyer in Lake Macquarie, he and the partners sold her.

Flamingo stayed in Lake Macquarie for some years (early nineties approximately ), when she was bought by guy called Peter.   There is no record or memory of his full name). He sailed her in both Sydney, then Brisbane and then back in Sydney, from the Amateurs Club.

From there she was purchased by Chris Morris.

Leaking heavily he had Rob Tearne look at her and he found that as is common with these and 5.5s, the mast step pressure was separating the floors, frames and garboards from the keel. Rob replaced sections of a couple of planks either side, put in a couple of new floors, and sistered some cracked ribs. He also rebedded keel bolts and repaired the cockpit coamings.    

Flamingo was recently Purchased by Renowned sailor Richard Winnings, who has intentions to continue her racing career on Sydney Harbour.

Flamingo has some great photos taken at the time Geoff Twybill owned her. The two of her sailing down Sydney harbour past Bradley’s Head were featured in Seacraft Magazine at the time.  

She is also lucky enough to have a copy of the plans supplied to Peter Cole by the designer, Harry Becker.  

She is also a vessel with a sister ship of the same name on the other side of the world.

LOA 12m 39ft

Beam 2m 6'6"

Draft 1.2m 4ft


Previous Owners

Geoff Twybill 

Chris Morris