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Launch Date : Unknown

Benchmark was shipped to San Diego in 2006

She has been fully  restored at Koehler Kraft on Shelter Island.

She has had her hull  re-planked with mahogany and the new ribs are laminated with purple heart. Her engine and interior were removed.

The current Owner Carl Koerner had this to say,

"We have removed all the equipment that has been added over the years like the Engine, fuel tank, engine bearers, prop shaft, head, plumbing, electrical system, stove, sinks and all of the front cabin, she was set up as a day sailor and we needed to remove all the excess weight and have her restored as a day sailor.


Her origins are said to be from Lake Macquarie and we suspect her to be the yacht Mavic which left Lake Macquarie in the 1960's for Pittwater where the Snake was said to have been located in the 1960's. Mavic was built by Les Steel sometime in the 1940's.

A previous owner Brett McMahon purchased "Snake" in 1989, renamed her "Benchmark" and sailed her from RPEYC until 2002 when he took her to Queensland and later sold her to the current owner.

Brett McMahon had this to say about her,

"Less than 40 feet in  length, she was never as fast as Wings. Original equipment included a roller reefing main controlled by a shaft which passed through the mast and a pair of two speed brass winches.

In the 60's a motor was installed and she was altered to accommodate this with the installation of a dagger rudder."



Benchmark being slipped at Shelter Island

Benchmark eased slowly into the trailer 

Class all Class!!

Benchmark makes it into the work shed to begin her restoration.

She has her lower planks removed to inspect the deadwood and ribs and so the can of worms is opened.

"So Carl have you heard of the 2.37 rule?" 

The yacht is measured for replanking and replacement ribs.

Carl laminates a rib. Then another and another and....

Carl puts the finishing touches to the planking by sealing the inside surface.

Just one more clamp outer do it..

A few more planks are glued and fastened into place.

with the garboard planks fitted its time to inspect above the water line and the bilge area.

Planking is finished as they prepare her for paint.

She gets a new coat of paint inside...



Prep work on the hull is done and she is ready for her final coats...



Above decks is prepped and sprayed and she is almost finished...

Benchmark hits the water!!!

Looking fantastic..!


Always a great moment watching the launching of yacht.



The topsides came up a treat..



Now that's a photo...! nice work.

Another yacht saved and a fine achievement.