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Launch Date: 1937

Bacchante is the oldest Australian built 30 SQM yacht. Believed to be built in Careening Cove Sydney and designed by Knud Reimers, she is constructed with Tasmanian Huon Pine, mahogany, and other hard woods.

This article printed on the 12th of November 1937 gives us her Launch date and her first Owner Jack Carr.


Full restoration by owner Manfred Speicher and Master Boat Builder skilled Brian Phillips of WOODEN BOAT WORKS and Stephen Ward of S. WARD boat builders 2008/2009 with new deck in beech wood and mahogany, hull stripped inside & outside, structural restoration, partial keel bolt replacement, epoxy skin laminate and repaint on outside hull.

Relaunched June 2009 and moored at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

She is used for club racing and social events.


Length: 42'6" (13.01m)

Beam: 6'8" (2.08m

Draft: 5'3" (1.63m)

Yacht ownership:

1938 - ? Jack Carr

1995 - 2001 Frank Allica

2001 - 2002 Glen Shaw

2002- 2006 Tim Murray Christine Jordan

2006 - current Manfred Speicher





A stiff breeze for Bacchante as she works her way towards the Sydney Harbour bridge. This photo was taken on the 26th of January 1938


Bacchante being sailed solo by the looks of it. This photo was taken back on the 26th of February 1938.  You can see her unusual stow hole built into the front of the cabin top.


A magic day on a magic boat.. Just superb.. 19th of November 1938

Bacchante on the same day with considerably less sail and powering along nicely...

27th of February 1938 with nicely trimmed sails...

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