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Launched in 1937.

Aeolus is the second oldest 30 square metre yacht to be built in Australia. Her launch date was just weeks after the oldest Australian 30sqm yacht Bacchante. These two yachts would compete together in the early years until we lose track of the racing results in 1941. Her owner at this time was Len Easy who would also go on to purchase a 40 sqm yacht Hiawatha.

Aeolus has not been located in the present day and so far we have had no clues to her whereabouts. If you can shed any light on her story we would love to here from you.

Aeolus looks brand new with very nice lines when this photo was taken back on the 29th of October 1938


A cracking shot of Aeolus on Sydney Harbour on the 26th of November 1938. WOW!!

Aeolus in a good breeze on the 25th of February 1939


Her Owner Len Easy passed away some years ago and to date there has been no one who remembers the yacht by that name.  

Len Easy loved square metre yachts and I found this article about his holiday experience in the USA.