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RANSA Regatta 2011
Revisiting Fagel Grip
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RANSA Regatta 2011.

A Fantastic atmosphere with the RANSA Club and a great day on the water with drinks and festivities to finish.

Revisiting Fagel Grip Pt4

The finished Fagel Grip is well wrapped for her trip home.

Easy does it lads...

The finished ring frames

Unpacked at Woolwich Dock Yard in Sydney.

The new bolt on stern with hand holes to access the bolt heads.

Lining up the keel lead while yacht is lowered.

Finally some months later she hits the water with a new lease of life.
She is sail regularly every Friday night at the Balmain Club twighlight racers where she recently  took a first place only  a few weeks ago.

Fagels relaunching wasn't all smiles though as you will see next month...

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27th of February 1939

15th of February 1947

27th of February 1954

Video of the month.

The 17SQM Yachts sailing at Waloon Yacht Club.
The Waloon Yacht club is located in Lake Waloon, Northern Michigan.
They look like good fun.