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News from around town..
Revisiting Fagel Grip Pt2.
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News from around town..

Bacchante celebrates her 73rd Birthday this month with her launch date documented as the 13th of November 1937..
Aeolus our missing yacht also share her 73rd birthday with her launching documented one week later.

Swan River Retro Yacht Series 2010/11

The first race of the SRRYS on 2
4/11/2010 saw 8 classic Bermuda and Gaff rigged yachts set sail for "The Lady In Red Trophy" hosted by Royal Perth Yacht Club.
Bacchante, the 1937 30sqm took line and handicap honors against the Swan 42 Yacht Bella Gioia
and the classic gaff rigged 1911 flyer Thera.
The freshening SW sea breeze saw the gaff rigged yachts jostling and changing lead with the Bermuda rigged yachts
as Bacchante lead the fleet unchallenged to her victory.
The race was concluded by a scrumptious BBQ and classified beverage on the Alfresco area of RPYC.
The SRRYS is running in its second year the 7 race series.

Below The Lady in Red. The SQM yacht which the event is named after.

Classic Yacht Regatta in Melbourne....

A good sized fleet turned out. After a fiddly start Acrospire III managed to creep ahead making use of all her sail area. The square metre inspired yacht Pastime II, was the best perfomer of the fleet and caught some good breeze with her big headsail up to open up a solid gap. She managed to do enough to get 2nd over the line and 1st on handicap.

Nice work for the start of the season.

<<Caress II is free to a good home>>

Once in a while a rare opportunity presents its self. Carress II has been presented to us as free to a good home!!. This is definatly a rare occurrence for a square metre yacht and worth investigating. If you are willing to put some time and resources into her she would be a fine yacht for a reasonable budget.

Visit our For Sale section for more information

Revisiting Fagel Grip Pt2.

Fagel Grip makes it to her destination to begin a comprehensive restoration.

She is stripped of all her paint and the deck removed to inspect the condition of her structural timbers.

A messy job! One best done with a good dust mask. In the heat of Thailand this kind of work would be a thankless task.

The new ribs are fitted with a tried an true system.

New timber floors are fitted and the templates for the ring frames are tested.

The stern is an difficult section to finish as it needs to be seamless when the extension is fitted.

New deck beams are added and the paint begins to flow.  She starts to gain more wow factor..

The ring frames are fitted and the finish on the cabin walls looks fantastic..

That's all on Fagel Grip for now, we will finish her story next month in part 3 of her restoration.

From the archives

This month on the
10th of November 1937

18th of November 1949

29th of November 1953

29th of November 1937

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